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Sinu Lift System : The New Surgical Technique

Posted in Dental Implants by UK Dental Tourism on December 22, 2009

Sinu Lift is proving to be the safest way to lift the sinus membrane. A minimally invasive, non traumatic approach for sinus lift with Predictable results.

The Sinu-Lift System, from Innovative Implant Technology (IIT), is a new surgical technique which is designed for the maxillary sinus lift. A minimally invasive procedure which allows for the placements of the implants in the maxillary sinus region.

The Sinu-Lift is comprised of:

* The Sinu-Drill. This is an intelligent self regulating mechanical hand device that drills the path to the Sinus membrane, disengaging upon contact to avoid rupture.

* The 3mm yellow curette, which is used initially to gently separate the sinus membrane from the bone.

* The 4.2mm blue curette, with a flexible tip and can be used if additional elevation is required.

* A bone packer is provided to helpfill the cavity with bone graft.

* Multifunction handle to help turn wheels and provide additional reach with drill and curettes

* 3.2mm calibrated drill to prepare perforation (ordered separately).

The smart Sinu-Drill perforates through the bone without rupturing the sinus membrane. Versatile set of flexible curettes help in obtaining the ideal membrane elevation for desired implant.The unique bone packer will easily and accurately allow the placement of bone grafting material. For more information visit innovative implant technology.

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