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Gum Grafting For Healthy Smile

If you are looking to avoid gum recession as well as improve gum line aesthetically, you might want to consider gum grafting. Receding gums usually result to exposed roots, which makes your teeth appear longer than normal. For some people, this could be quite bothersome and makes them conscious of their smiles. Aside from this, exposed roots could increase your sensitivity to cold and hot foods and drinks.

A gingival graft also called gum graft or periodontal plastic surgery is a generic name for any of a number of surgical periodontal procedures whose combined aim is to cover an area of exposed tooth root surface with grafted oral tissue. The covering of exposed root surfaces accomplishes a number of objectives: the prevention of further root exposure, decreased or eliminated sensitivity, decreased susceptibility to root caries and improved cosmetic. These procedures are usually performed by a dental specialist in the field of gingival tissue, known as a periodontist, but may be performed by a general dentist having training in these procedures.

With gum grafting, you will be able to address problems associated with receding gums. It will effectively improve your gum line and at the same time, prevent further recession of your gums which could possibly lead to bone loss.

The entire gum grafting procedure is simple.A free gingival graft is a dental procedure where a layer of tissue is removed from the palate of the patient’s mouth and then relocated to the site of gum recession. An acellular dermal matrix (such as Alloderm) graft uses donated medically-processed human skin tissue as a source for the graft. A lateral pedicle graft, or pedicle graft, takes tissue from the area immediately adjacent to the damaged gingiva. This is not always an option, as the constraint that there must be sufficient tissue immediately lateral to the area of interest is an onerous one.Coronally and apically positioned flaps , although technically not grafting procedures, are other forms of a pedicle grafts in that gingival tissue is freed up and moved either coronally or apically.

In summary, gum grafting will allow you to enjoy the following benefits:

• Reduce gum recession
• Prevent bone loss
• Decrease tooth sensitivity
• Improve smile aesthetically

Of course, your dentist will need to assess your dental health before proceeding with a gum grafting procedure. A detailed medical history will also be obtained in order to ensure that you are medically-fit. In addition, the exact reason for the gum recession will have to be determined in order to prevent a recurrence in the future.

Recovery from gum grafting procedure will only take a short time and you will soon find yourself eating, drinking, talking and laughing with ease and confidence. For more information on gum grafting please contact Goma Dental at 177-645-0704 .

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