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Bright Smile with Zoom Whitening

imagesCA74N4MCZoom teeth whitening  is one of the most up to date whitening products on the market, using a special power lamp to activate treatment for speedier results. Zoom works like most other tooth whitening treatments by applying an active gel to the surface of the teeth to bleach any discoloured areas.

Teeth whitening is a very popular cosmetic dentistry treatment that can really improve the appearance of discoloured and stained teeth. Teeth become stained over time because of foods that we eat and other lifestyle choices. Substances that are particularly bad for the teeth are red wine, coffee and tobacco. These can leave teeth yellow or brown spoiling the appearance of a smile making you seem older. Teeth naturally discolour as we age, so any premature discolouration will have the effect of adding years to your appearance as well as looking unhealthy.

Teeth whitening using Zoom can restore the appearance of discoloured teeth, making the teeth look cleaner and healthier and giving you the confidence that comes from a beautiful smile. Your dentist will apply the gel in specially designed trays so that it is in close contact with the teeth. They will also use any necessary safety equipment to keep the soft tissue of the gums and tongue safe.

Some patients may experience some slight sensitivity after treatment but apart from this the process is completely painless. Some patients will notice results immediately but others may require a few treatments, depending on the individual’s teeth. Teeth whitening is one of the most effective and affordable cosmetic dentistry treatments so ask your dentist what it could do for your teeth.For more information call us at 07974-106163



One Hour Teeth Whitening In Shimla

Posted in Cosmetic Dentistry by UK Dental Tourism on February 22, 2010
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Discolored or badly stained teeth can be very embarrassing and cause the patient to be very anxious and self-conscious about their appearance. It can make people very reluctant to open their mouths or smile in public and be the underlying cause of self-esteem issues and even depression. But with modern cosmetic dentistry there is a solution to having discolored teeth.

Teeth whitening has existed for many years but in the past has been hit and miss at best and often prohibitively expensive. But as more and more dentists offer the treatment and more patients use it the price is dropping and the treatment becoming more available. New whitening treatments are hitting the market each year, each promising new and improved whitening that takes less time and yields better results.

Whitening works in two ways. Firstly, the teeth are cleaned, removing any material or stains that can be cleaned to make the teeth seem whiter. However, many stains occur when foodstuff or liquid penetrate the enamel of the tooth. This cannot be removed by cleaning but can be bleached white using hydrogen peroxide gels. Although these kinds of bleaching kits are available to buy in shops or on the internet, dentists advise that you always have whitening procedures carried out in surgery. This is because the hydrogen peroxide can be dangerous to soft tissue when used in high concentration. Dentists will be able to use the necessary safety equipment to avoid any contact with soft tissue.

This may often involve the manufacture of a custom made bleaching tray designed to fit exactly over the patient’s teeth, applying the active gel to the required area but keeping the soft tissue safe. These bleaching trays can also be used for lower concentration treatment at home, often worn over night for maximum contact with the teeth. The peroxide filters into the tooth enamel bleaching it white and making the teeth look a healthy and natural white. Tooth whitening is available in many different formats as there are many treatments available and will be more effective for some than others but ultimately it will lighten teeth and make them appear more healthy.

Teeth whitening can be one of the most successful and dramatic cosmetic dentistry treatments, capable of completely transforming the teeth and restoring the self-confidence of the patient. If you suffer from discoloration or staining, ask your dentist about teeth whitening and really give yourself something to smile about.

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