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Lifelong Replacement With Dental implants

As a substitute for a missing or lost tooth it is hard to beat a dental implant for realism and authenticity. Dental implants are the only dental replacement that restores the whole tooth from crown to root and as a result is the sturdiest restoration available.

There are many reasons for losing a tooth ranging from accidental damage to gum disease but whatever the cause it can be a very painful and upsetting experience at any age. If a tooth has been knocked out or extracted due to decay it can be the cause of further dental complications causing pain and anxiety so it is always recommended by dentists to replace teeth as soon as possible. If a gap is left in the dental arc then it can cause the other teeth to move or rotate. This can lead to complications with bite and also increases the likelihood of further dental infection.

The implant procedure usually takes place in three steps. Firstly, a screw is secured to the patient’s jawbone, with the top protruding just above the surface of the gum. This is then left to heal so that the bone and gum tissue can fuse to the implant in a process called osseointergration. In the second procedure a abutment is attached to the screw which will eventually allow the crown to be attached.Patients who have jawbones and gums which are strong, will particularly benefit from a dental implant. A good standard of oral hygiene is needed to maintain the implant but the permanency it provides really sets it apart from other dental substitutes.

Unlike other restorations, a dental implant will last a whole lifetime if properly cared for. Although the initial cost may be slightly more than other treatments, you need to bear in mind that once you have had implant surgery you are unlikely to need to spend any further money on future replacements.

If you are suffering from a missing tooth, see a dentist and ask about having a dental implant fitted to bring the smile back to your face. Call 177-6450704 for an appointment with Dr Goma.

Are Dental Implants Expensive ?

Deciding whether you can afford the cost of dental implants can be a complicated process. Dental implant prices depend on many factors including your own overall health, the complexity of the problem, whether additional bone grafting may be necessary, and the cost of the materials used.

There are different types of dental implants used in dentistry. There’s been great success with “osseointegrated” implants. It’s a system where the bone and implant mesh. A chemical and mechanical bond is formed so the jawbone actually grows into the implants. The most rewarding part of these successful implants in dentistry is that patients are happy with the results for years.

Dental implants are used in different ways by dentists. You may require a single implant to bridge a gap, or two implants to support a bridge. Or, if a lower denture needs to be stabilized, two to four implants might be required.Unfortunately, if your jawbone can’t support an implant due to bone loss, tooth implants may not be an option.After consultation we will provide best treatment alternatives for you.However, if you have a sound jawbone, dental implants are the best thing offered in dentistry next to real teeth.

In the initial many patients feel that dental implant treatment is expensive compared to other dental procedures. However, Dental Implants represent a more permanent and natural solution than other dentistry treatments, for instance complete Dentures or Partials. Dental Implants are therefore a greater initial investment. Dental Implants should last for years, even a lifetime if they are properly fitted and cared for. For more information on Dental Implants In India call Goma Dental at 177-645-0704.

Dental Implants – Solution For Missing Teeth

Having a missing tooth or teeth can be the source of great embarrassment and the root of self-confidence and esteem issues. After all, we all want to have a perfect smile and a missing tooth is a definite barrier to that, but a missing tooth can have other health implications beyond the psychological.

If there is a tooth missing in the dental arch it can cause all the other teeth to lean into the space. This can cause alignment problems that can also affect bite, causing irritation and the development of painful jaw conditions called TMJ. It can also be the case that a missing tooth can cause sagging of the facial tissue. Teeth act as rigid supports for the facial muscles and if they are missing the muscles can lapse giving a sunken and unhealthy appearance to the face. Therefore it is important to replace the missing tooth as soon as possible to limit the effects of a missing tooth.

Therefore, it is important to replace missing teeth for physical reasons as well as cosmetic. There are several options for patients with missing teeth. A dental bridge or partial denture provide a more flexible and short-term solution to a missing tooth but many patients find these too flimsy or unstable to be comfortable. One form of artificial tooth provides a stable and realistic replacement for a real tooth and as such is increasingly becoming the choice of substitute for patients. A dental implant is a solid metal screw that is secured directly into the jawbone, to which an artificial crown is attached. Because the implant is anchored to the jaw itself it provides a level of stability second only to a real tooth. With the advances in ceramic technology, the attached crown can also be incredibly lifelike and does not prohibit the eating of certain foods like bridges or dentures.

Dental implants can usually be fitted in two or three sessions with the dentist. The screw will be implanted during the first session and then allowed to fuse with the bone and gum in a process called osseointergration. This usually takes two to three weeks before the remaining parts of the implant can be secured. Dental implants are as close to real teeth as are available. Because the root of the implant is secured to the jawbone like a real tooth, it acts and feels like a real tooth. If you have a missing tooth or are looking to replace an earlier dental substitute, make an appointment to see a dentist.For more information on dental implants in Shimla please call Goma Dental at 177-645-0704.

Get The Best Dental Implant In India

There are several options available to replace missing teeth. Some patients opt to have a partial denture, others choose to have a fixed dental bridge. Both dental bridges and dentures have their advantages, most notably that they are both relatively affordable. However, they both also suffer from a degree of impermanency and are at times prone to breaking. Some patients are looking for a dental substitute with a greater degree of solidity. This is one of the reasons why dental implants are becoming the option of choice for patients to replace missing teeth.

A missing tooth can be the source of embarrassment. It can make people reluctant to smile for fear of exposing what is a very visible flaw. Missing teeth can also be damaging for your dental health. The hollows left by missing teeth can be breeding grounds for decay-causing bacteria. Gaps in the teeth can also encourage existing teeth to lean, causing painful interruptions in the bite. Missing teeth can also be the cause of facial tissue sinking and loss of profile. For these reasons it is important to replace the missing tooth as soon as possible and a dental implant is the most secure method of doing just that.

A dental implant takes the form of a tapered screw that is anchored into the jawbone. This acts as a solid base for a post and artificial tooth, or crown, to be attached. They work particularly well for patients who have strong and healthy jawbones and teeth. Because they are so solid dental implants do not prohibit the eating of certain foods that other dental substitutes can. Neither do dental implants require any kind of messy dental bonding or adhesives.A dental implant will take two or three sessions to fix.

Patients who have jawbones and gums which are strong, will particularly benefit from a dental implant. A good standard of oral hygiene is needed to maintain the implant but the permanency it provides really sets it apart from other dental substitutes. Many patients opt for implants, despite the extra cost, because of the feeling of security and permanency they provide. If you have a missing tooth, or are considering changing an existing artificial dental appliance, visit your dentist and ask about dental implants. For More information please call Goma Dental at 177-6450704.

Dental Implants : Permanent Solution For Missing Teeth

Dental care has made vast improvements during our lifetime, yet millions of people experience tooth loss because of injury, gum disease and tooth decay. For several years, the only way to replace a missing tooth was with dentures or a dental bridge.Now dentists are offering patients the benefits of dental implants. Unlike traditional treatments of crowns, bridges , root canals and dentures dental implants offer a permanent solution for your missing teeth actually mimicking your natural teeth.

Dental implants are replacement tooth roots that are placed within the jawbone after a tooth is lost. After the implant is in place, a replacement tooth is attached or it may be used to anchor a dental bridge more securely. Implants are typically made from and provide a solid foundation for permanent or removable teeth that are designed to replace missing teeth. By using an implant to fill the space in your smile, you may also prevent other dental problems.

There are three most common types of dental implants:

Root form dental implants are the most common. A root form implant is a screw-type implant shaped like the root of a tooth. It is placed under the gums and directly into the jawbone.

If the jawbone has deteriorated, too short or too narrow for a root form implant, a plate dental implant may be used. The plate form is a longer, flat piece of titanium placed beneath the gums and on top of the jawbone.

These implants are used only when there is not enough jawbone to support either a root dental implant or a plate dental implant. This dental implant is custom made and attached directly to the jawbone to strengthen the surface.

Making the decision to have dental implants can genuinely be life altering for someone who has missing teeth. There are numerous advantages to having permanent a replacement for a lost tooth. Dental implants:

-Look and feel like your own teeth
-Are designed to fuse with your jawbone so they become permanent
-Allow you to speak without the worry that your dentures/teeth may slip
-Eliminate the discomfort of removable dentures
-Work like your own teeth, allowing you to eat foods with confidence
-Give you back your smile and help you feel better about yourself
-Are durable and will last many years –with good care, some implants last a lifetime
-Implants eliminate the need for cutting natural teeth to replace one missing tooth
-Offer a permanent solution, that cannot decay

Implant however, is not an option for everyone, as it requires surgery, patient should be in good health and further patients must have an adequate bone to support implant.But missing teeth can be replaced with naturally looking stronger materials with the latest advances in technology.It’s important to be aware that dental implants require the same care as real teeth, including brushing, flossing, and regular dental check-ups.

If you are missing one or several teeth and would like to consider implant dentistry to replace them, contact your dentist to schedule a consultation.

Dental Implants :Greatest Alternative To Natural Teeth

Dental Implants enable you to replace missing teeth and recapture the beauty and health of your smile after tooth loss.Dental implants are probably one of the main contributors of cosmetic dentistry to the world. A dental implant is essentially an artificial replacement that resembles a tooth or a group of teeth.

A dental implant is a metal fixture (usually a screw) that is surgically placed into the jaw bone. It takes on the role of an anchor within the mouth, for a false tooth or a set of false teeth. Then when dental work such as a crown, fixed bridge or a full set of dentures is added, one or more missing teeth can be replaced.

Mini dental implants or a standard dental implant are fabricated from a very strong, bio compatible material. After an initial healing period, during which the implant fuses itself to the bone. Small metal posts are then secured in place to support the artificial tooth.

Dental implant treatment has the power to change your life. Missing teeth can significantly affect your self-esteem, confidence and facial appearance. Just a few of the benefits Dental Implants surgery offers patients:

• Dental Tooth Implants look and feel so natural that you may forget you ever lost a tooth.

• After your dental implants procedure many patients find they can eat and speak as they did previously – foods that were forbidden are now back on the menu.

• Increased preservation of bone and decreased gum tissue shrinkage providing permanent solution to replace lost teeth.

• Titanium Dental Implants don’t sacrifice the quality of your adjacent teeth (i.e. this can occur in bridge treatment) does because neighboring teeth are not altered to support the implant.

• Most implantation procedures are computer-guided which makes them safer and faster and take very little time to heal.

Dental Implants Dentures will give additional support, security and freedom from the clicks and wobbles of traditional dentures. You can say goodbye to worries about misplaced dentures and messy pastes and glues.

Whether you have one missing tooth and require one dental implant or you require full dental implants for all of your missing teeth – a dental implants dentist can help you.This procedure has one of the highest success rates in dentistry, but all are not eligible to get a dental implant done. Consult your dentist who will take your history and examine your teeth and gums to consider you for this restorative procedure.For more information on dental implants in your area please call Goma Dental at 177-645-0704.

Immediate dental implant techniques

Dental implants are an increasingly popular choice for my patients as I’ve been doing a lot of them recently.
Just recently we’ve had an unusual number of patients coming in with serious problems with single front teeth.
Among the causes of these problems are

* sports injuries (eg getting hit in the face playing cricket)
* ‘other’ injuries (eg falling down the stairs or sliding on the ice)
* old crowns that have failed and cracked the root
* problems with old crowns with posts
* problems with root filled teeth

In these cases extraction is often the only option.In the past we would have had to wait months after extracting the tooth before putting the implant in, and then a few more months of waiting before the implant could have a tooth added to it…..6-9 months of waiting with a temporary bridge in place….With Immediate Implant techniques(also known as ‘teeth in an hour’) we can often bypass this waiting time: If the bone is intact around the failing tooth and there is no infection present then we can (very) carefully extract the root (without damaging the socket walls) and put an implant directly into the tooth socket!And if the implant is secure in the bone then we can even put the titanium post into place and put a temporary crown on top.

Where appropriate this treatment means that the patient can literally come to the clinic with a failed tooth and leave a short while later with their new implant tooth in place.So it is possible to walk into a dental clinic and have all your old broken, unsightly teeth replaced with shiny white new ones supported by titanium implants all on the same day ,provided the case has been prepared carefully in advance.

We now have enough long term data (over 5 yrs) to convince even the more conservative of us that;

* immediate implant teeth work in the long term
* in some cases doing it this way can improve the aesthetic outcome
* this method can significantly reduce bone the bone shrinkage which occurs when teeth are extracted.
* the immediate implant technique can be used on single, multiple or full mouth cases

Dental Implant : Advantages

With today’s numerous researches into dental procedures and the like, dental patients around Shimla have plenty of options for their dental maintenance and other procedures to select from. A very good alternative to acquiring dentures for missing teeth are dental implants. This sort of procedure brings about many favourable results compared to dentures in most cases. Having dental implants involve several procedures and can take longer than having ordinary dentures yet results are definitely far better.
Procedures Involved in Getting an Implant

The first procedure involved is a surgical one. Since a metallic contraption needs to be screwed onto the jaw bone (this is an endosteal type of dental implant), a small incision has to be made on the gums covering that section of the jawbone. The incision has to be big enough to allow the implant to be screwed to the jawbone. The implant is the one that will anchor the new artificial replacement securely. The incised gum will have to be stitched.

After four to six months of allowing the implant to integrate with the jawbone itself, the artificial replacement can now be attached. These replacements are customised only for you. Each time that a new patient comes for an implant, new impressions will have to be made.

Advantages of Getting a Dental Implant

Since your new artificial teeth replacements are supported by implants attached to your jawbone, they give a more comfortable and natural feel in your mouth. With these, it is less awkward for you to chew and speak and they are far more stable than removable dentures.

In the course of time, atrophy in the jawbone can develop because of the missing teeth. Dental implants are known to prevent such atrophy.

After a permanent tooth has been damaged or pulled out, no other tooth will grow out to replace it, meaning it is lost forever. In the procedure for bridges, some teeth need to be cut, which is quite a waste given the fact that permanent teeth grow only once in your lifetime. Yet with dental implants, the necessity to make cuts on other teeth is eliminated.

Aside from far better aesthetic results, dental implants are also permanent, meaning you will not have to keep on returning to the dentist to have new ones made. With these advantages, more dental patients in India have chosen implants over removable dentures.

Get Best Dental Implants In Shimla

Dental implants are probably one of the main contributors of cosmetic dentistry to the world. A dental implant is essentially an artificial replacement that resembles a tooth or a group of teeth. Some of the reasons that lead to tooth loss are dental caries, root canal failure, tooth decay, periodontitis, injury, congenital defects or excessive wear and tear. Dental implants are the best and most effective choice to replace lost teeth. These implants can be of two different types;
1. Osseointegrated implant
2. Fibrointegrated implant

The popularity of dental implants has risen tremendously over the recent years. Some of the main advantages that have led to the popularity of these implants over other tooth restorative options are;
• Implants are stronger and more durable for long term use.
• Implantation is a permanent solution to replace lost teeth.
• Dental implants can be combined with other restorative processes to increase effectiveness.
• Aesthetically Pleasing – they look like real teeth.
• Most implantation procedures are computer-guided which makes them safer and faster and take very little time to heal.
• Implants eliminate the need for cutting natural teeth to replace one missing tooth and offer a permanent solution, that cannot decay.
This procedure has one of the highest success rates in dentistry, but all are not eligible to get a dental implant done. Consult Goma Dental ,we will take your history and examine your teeth and gums to consider you for this restorative procedure.

Computer Guided Implantology

Modern implantology uses techniques that can provide function, esthetics, and comfort with a minimally invasive surgical approach. Flapless implant surgery has been proposed to fulfill these requirements. Traditionally, flapless implant surgery was carried out by using a tissue punch technique, which may be potentially harmful because of the inherent blindness of the technique.
Using dedicated interactive computer software programs and 3D radiographic techniques such as computed tomography (CT), the precise location of each implant is planned. Using the concept “prosthetic-driven implantology,” surgery is carried out for the rehabilitation of patients. Based on three-dimensional implant planning software for computed tomographic (CT) scan data, customized surgical templates and final dental prostheses are designed to ensure high precision transfer of the implant treatment planning to the operative field and an immediate rigid splinting of the installed implants, respectively. There is no doubt that three-dimensional oral implant planning software, of both surgical templates for flapless surgery and dental prostheses for immediate loading is a very reliable treatment option.

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