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Cosmetic Teeth Straightening

Posted in Orthodontics by UK Dental Tourism on February 21, 2010
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Having straight teeth is fundamental to having a beautiful smile. For many of us not blessed with naturally straight teeth there is the option of orthodontic teeth straightening.If you have suffered from the negative effects on your self-esteem and happiness from uncomfortable or irregular teeth and jaws, braces can help to turn your hidden smile into a stunning straight grin, using a variety of options.

The need for properly aligned teeth and jaws goes beyond simple aesthetic appeal, providing the individual with an effective bite, chew and fluency of speech, all contributing to your sense of comfort and happiness. Straight teeth also help to prevent physical health problems in the future, maintain healthy gums and improve your facial profile.  If you have been reluctant to undergo treatment due to the anticipated effect on your appearance whilst wearing braces, types of brace exist including invisible, clear and lingual braces to minimise the visual impact on your face, leaving you free to achieve the look you want in the most discrete way possible. Whilst some braces exist that can be removed at regular intervals, others such as lingual braces, can be constructed around the backs of your teeth, keeping them out of sight and mind. The comfort to your mouth can also be maximised with modern fastening methods for arch wires creating minimum irritation to your cheeks and gums.

With recent advancements in the field of orthodontics, traditional methods such as brackets have undergone a change from the older ‘train-tracks’ of the past and can now be implemented smaller and are often clear in appearance, while treatment times have lessened, making the overall experience one that causes minimum interference to your life.For patients who are unhappy with their smile but unwilling to face the pain and discomfort of fixed metal braces, a revolutionary system called Clearstep could be just the solution they have been looking for. Clearstep is an affordable and effective way of straightening teeth that comes with the huge advantage of being almost completely invisible.Invisalign is the other method of straightening misaligned teeth in both children and adults

For adults requiring braces, whatever your orthodontic needs, there exists an option to help achieve the straight smile you’ve always wanted  to project yourself with the confidence you need in both your personal and professional life.Orthodontics braces have ability to enhance the size and shape of your smile, allowing you to shine through and leave behind your insecurities.


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