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Ankylos Implant System In Shimla

The Ankylos system was developed in 1985 and has been in clinical use since 1987. Some of its significant design features include (1) a progressive thread structure of the endosseous implant body for targeted load distribution to the apically positioned spongy bone; and (2) the gap-free subgingival tapered connection to the abutments.Ankylos Implant System meets both the patients’ and the dentists’ standards of success and is suitable for use as single tooth replacements, bridge abutments, and retention elements for all regions and prosthetic indications.The implants were considered successful if the following criteria were met:

* clinical stability and function;
* no inflammation of the peri-implant hard and soft tissue;
* no progressive loss of the peri-implant bone;
* no progressive loss of the peri-implant mucosa;
* satisfaction of the patient.

The Ankylos implants are made of biologically neutral pure titanium. As the human body tolerates it, the possibility of rejection is excluded thanks to the characteristics of the material. In order to keep them touch proof, the implants are packed in sterile glass: the supporting screw is put inside the superstructure and can only be removed right before the insertion of the implant. The rough surface of the implants enhances the perfect fit and healing of the “new root”. The special shape of ankylos implants ensures ideal fixing directly after the placement of the implant and protects the jawbone during mastication since the implant perfectly adjusts to its physiological characteristics. Four year clinical experience shows that thanks to the special form of the ankylos implant screw, the introduction of the occlusal force is carried out without overloading the bone substance. The ankylos implants are available in four different diameters and length that provide a solution for all implant problems.
The advantages of the Ankylos:

* high level of security
* long term aesthetic stability
* cemented replacements
* it ensures an optimal condition for immediate load
* minimal risk of infections
* low risk of the loss of the amount of bone
* short therapy time
* high quality and affordable

Dental implants are as close to real teeth as are available. Because the root of the implant is secured to the jawbone like a real tooth, it acts and feels like a real tooth. If you have a missing tooth or are looking to replace an earlier dental substitute, make an appointment to see a Implant dentist at Goma Dental or Call 177-645-0704.

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