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Brighten your smile in less time with Lumineers

To most people it is important to save time, and finding time for regular dental appointments. It is essential for people to maintain their teeth, as it has a massive impact on a persons appearance.


Lumineer treatment allows porcelain veneer treatment faster than the average porcelain veneer treatment, so it can be completed within one appointment.
Once Lumineers are created, they are securely fitted straight onto the front of a patients teeth, to conceal and cover damaged, broken or discoloured teeth.




Teeth correction through CEREC treatment

Many people may avoid cosmetic dental treatment as they view it as time consuming, although many      know it could  dramatically improve their appearance , so it is a catch 22 situation, people want to look good , but cannot spend excessive time attending appointments. CEREC treatment can restore a bridge, a crown or fit a veneer for a patient during a appointment. For the treatment, a dentists will need to take a digital image of the patients teeth, after this the dentist is able to immediately work on preparing a patients fitting.


The CEREC computer programme that designs the part for the patient, this is available for the dentist to fit and  secure instantly, and any problems with the fitting can be rectified during the appointment. This allows a patient  to walk out of the appointment, with a brand new white smile, and extra confidence. imagesCAQDXIYM

Experience The Future Of Dentistry – CEREC

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Just as in other fields of healthcare and the wider world, technology is having an incredible effect on the world of dentistry. A new technology called Cerec is revolutionising the way dental treatments are being carried out and offer a glimpse into the future of dentistry.

Cerec utilises CAD/CAM technology, which stands for computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacture and is vastly improving both the speed and quality of dental treatment. Cerec technology has been made possible by the development in other areas, such as digital x-rays and three-dimensional imaging. This allows dentists to create an exact image of the patient’s teeth, which they can see instantly on their computer screen. Using this image, they can then design veneers, crowns and inlays that can then be manufactured in a fraction of the time.

The manufacturing process also utilises the incredible powers of computer technology. Whereas in the past a crown would need to be manufactured in the lab by building up layer upon layer of enamel, a Cerec crown can be milled form a single block in as little as six minutes. This incredibly means that you can go into a  dentist’s surgery and have a crown designed, manufactured and installed in the same appointment. For a procedure that could take as long as a month from start to finish in the past, this chair-side surgery represents a huge leap forward.

It is also possible to use Cerec technology to create a whole row of dental veneers that can completely transform a smile. Your  dentist is now using Cerec technology to treat patients. Make an appointment to find out if you can benefit from the new technology.




High Technology At HD Office in Shimla

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At The Himachal Dental located in Shimla,  we pride ourselves in the fact that we combine High technology with High touch.  Our team of dental professionals aim to make your visit to our dental office in Shimla Twp. the most positive experience at a dental office as possible.  With a light hearted, compassionate environment many of our dental patients say what a great place this is to even visit.

How then do we incorporate our dental technology with the gentle touch?  That is easy-We use the technology as a tool and not an excuse to ignore our dental patients.

The following are examples how we use technology at our dental office :

* We are a paperless dental office so this means that any forms are sent to you online to be filled out in the privacy of your own home so that when you arrive at the dental office  you will only need to review the information you filled out and sign off on our tablet PC.  This is convenient when you have the time and have access to your medical and dental information.
* Digital x rays and panoramic x rays.  With the use of digital x rays your exposure to radiation is decreased by 50-60%.  The image appears on our screen within 4 seconds of exposure.  If a different view is needed there is no need to wait which is common with x ray film. This also makes us a “green dental office” since there are no harmful chemicals disposed of and used.
* Electric dental hand pieces are used for precise control of the drill and is quieter than the air driven drills used by many dentists in the Shimla area.
* Digital photos of both your smile and mouth make communication and understanding much easier which take the guess work out of it.  These can also be emailed to you for your own use.
* Computer based educational systems are used to allow you the dental patient to have a better understanding of the procedures that are recommended to you.

These are only a few of the unique high technology tools we use for our dental patients in the Shimla Township.  For more information please visit our website at www.himachaldental.com or call 177-6450704.

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