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Secure Dentures With Mini Implants

Posted in Dental Implants by UK Dental Tourism on September 15, 2010

Nobody wants to lose their teeth but sometimes it happens either because of poor dental hygiene, accident or just as the result of age. When all or most of teeth have been lost it can often feel like there is little or no hope and can leave patients feeling quite despondent about the state of their teeth and smile. Lost teeth can also have a physical impact on the profile and structure on the face as the teeth act as a rigid support for facial tissue.

However, there are ways to replace missing teeth and with modern technology they are constantly improving in both functionality and appearance. Dentures have had a bad reputation in the past because they looked unrealistic and were also prone to falling out. Modern dentures however, are much better fitting and shouldn’t even need denture adhesive to keep them in place. Although many patients are opting to have mini-implants fitted to keep the dentures securely in place. These are small titanium screws that are anchored directly into the jawbone and can be used to clip dentures in place and hold them.

Modern dentures also allow much greater freedom to patients as they are capable of eating much more varied food and even things like apples present few problems. Our dentists will be able to give you a lot more information about the possibilities of modern dentures.

A well-made set of dentures should fit snugly around the gum tissue, using suction alone to remain in place. They should cause little or no irritation and be hardly noticeable when in the mouth. If your dentures are causing you problems then you need to make an appointment to have them sorted out.Ask your dentist to provide you with more information about how dental implants work and if you could be a suitable candidate.

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