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High Technology At HD Office in Shimla

Posted in Dental Technology by UK Dental Tourism on August 30, 2010
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At The Himachal Dental located in Shimla,  we pride ourselves in the fact that we combine High technology with High touch.  Our team of dental professionals aim to make your visit to our dental office in Shimla Twp. the most positive experience at a dental office as possible.  With a light hearted, compassionate environment many of our dental patients say what a great place this is to even visit.

How then do we incorporate our dental technology with the gentle touch?  That is easy-We use the technology as a tool and not an excuse to ignore our dental patients.

The following are examples how we use technology at our dental office :

* We are a paperless dental office so this means that any forms are sent to you online to be filled out in the privacy of your own home so that when you arrive at the dental office  you will only need to review the information you filled out and sign off on our tablet PC.  This is convenient when you have the time and have access to your medical and dental information.
* Digital x rays and panoramic x rays.  With the use of digital x rays your exposure to radiation is decreased by 50-60%.  The image appears on our screen within 4 seconds of exposure.  If a different view is needed there is no need to wait which is common with x ray film. This also makes us a “green dental office” since there are no harmful chemicals disposed of and used.
* Electric dental hand pieces are used for precise control of the drill and is quieter than the air driven drills used by many dentists in the Shimla area.
* Digital photos of both your smile and mouth make communication and understanding much easier which take the guess work out of it.  These can also be emailed to you for your own use.
* Computer based educational systems are used to allow you the dental patient to have a better understanding of the procedures that are recommended to you.

These are only a few of the unique high technology tools we use for our dental patients in the Shimla Township.  For more information please visit our website at www.himachaldental.com or call 177-6450704.

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