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Porcelain Veneers For You Dream smile

Posted in Cosmetic Dentistry by UK Dental Tourism on August 28, 2010
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There are many dental problems that can spoil the appearance of the teeth and make people ashamed of their smiles. In some cases this can be the source of real emotional problems that affects self-confidence and self-esteem but there are ways to improve your smile with various cosmetic dentistry treatments.

As you may have seen on one of the many TV makeover shows on our screens in recent years, porcelain veneers are capable of completely transforming the teeth and creating stunning healthy looking smiles. These are thin ceramic shells that fit over the top of the existing teeth restoring the size, color and shape of damaged teeth. This damage could have occurred as the result of discoloration, worn enamel or even structural damage to the teeth.

The veneers are made of porcelain and will be specially designed to compliment your mouth and smile. Your dentist will construct the veneers according to dental mould or digital x-rays taken at an earlier appointment. Modern fabrication techniques have radically shortened the time it takes to make veneers and the finished product is now of a superior quality.

In the past, porcelain veneers took several weeks to manufacture in the lab after several appointments to measure and design had been carried out. This involved lengthy and uncomfortable dental moulds and rounds of x-rays, but in recent years new technology called Cerec has revolutionised the way that veneers are designed and manufacturedCerec utilises CAD/CAM technology, meaning computer aided design, computer aided manufacture. With the aid of new technology such as digital x-rays and three-dimensional imaging the dentist is now able to design the veneers on a computer screen before instructing a computer to sculpt the veneers from specially chosen porcelain. This has drastically reduced the time you will need to spend in the surgery and made treatment a lot more pleasant.

The veneers are cemented in place using dental bonding, a resin substance that is very hard wearing, adding another layer of protection to the teeth. The ceramic itself is also very tough and will protect the teeth from further damage. You may have seen the incredible effects possible using the latest veneer techniques on one of the many TV makeover shows that populate our screens at the moment.

Porcelain is such a good choice for veneers as it very closely resembles actual tooth enamel even to the point of being slightly transparent.These look and feel just like real teeth and with the right care and attention will last up to twenty years before they need replacing. Not only will they look great but they will also protect the teeth from external damage by plaque and bacteria.This means that not only will your teeth look and feel great, but they will also look very realistic. Find out more about veneers at your dentist the next time you go for a check up appointment.

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