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Can Implant Be Placed Immediately After Extraction ?

Posted in Dental Implants by UK Dental Tourism on February 24, 2010
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Every patient always wants his or her teeth right away but we really should weigh the risks versus benefits of this procedure.Immediate teeth work best for teeth in the front of the mouth.  It also works very well if you are missing all your teeth and is most successful if you are having implants for your whole lower jaw. Obviously,if its front tooth, some sort of replacement has to be made right away. The first replacement is usually temporary in nature, either a temporary bridge or a temporary one tooth denture. If it is a back tooth that is extracted often initially no replacement is required immediately post extraction.

Implant replacement teeth are the most ideal type of replacement assuming a patient is a good candidate for one. Although some extraction sites receive immediate implants on the day of an extraction, most do not. Patients have a big role in the success of this awesome procedure. They have to  be committed to a soft diet for about 3 months. Even though a tooth is made on the immediate, same day implant, it still has to fuse to your bone. This is called “osseointegration.” If patient can’t commit himself to this, immediate loading or immediate temporaries are not the ideal choice. All of the implants can fail.

These days many extractions receive bone grafting at the time of the the procedure. This grafting material is intended to stimulate bone re-growth and will tend to preserve the bone in the socket afterwards.Most of the specialists seem to feel that the ideal time for placement after an extraction with bone grafting is three to four months. They feel that after three months the bone grafting material is being actively replaced with new bone and this ‘active new bone’ is ideal to receive an implant.

Some of the important factors in determining if immediate loading can be done are:

* Bone density
* Amount of bone
* Initial stability of the implants
* Shape and type of gum
* Implant design and type
* Your bite

Of course implants can and do successfully get placed after more time has elapsed, but after an extraction, the bone tends to continue resorbing for the first year or two. The result of waiting too long can be a site that becomes too narrow to place an ideal sized implant.Bottom line…. immediate dental implants are great in the perfect situation. Pre-surgical planning and expert execution of the procedure makes all the difference.


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