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Inman Aligners – Cosmetic Teeth Straightening

Posted in Orthodontics by UK Dental Tourism on January 13, 2010

The Inman aligner has been described by orthodontic dentists as the ‘greatest innovation in cosmetic dentistry since the porcelain veneer’. This is a bold claim given the incredible transformative power of porcelain veneers but the results attainable using the Inman aligner do seem to suggest a revolution in orthodontic straightening.

The Inman aligner is an incredibly effective and easy way of straightening teeth with results visible in most cases in a remarkable six to sixteen weeks. If you have always wanted straighter teeth but never liked the idea of having brackets stuck to your teeth, the Inman aligner straightens quickly but is also completely removable, making eating a lot less of an ordeal than with fixed braces.

Inman aligners are perfect for aligning teeth prior to the application of veneers and in some cases the results are so effective that veneers are not even needed after straightening.

The aligner works by using the power of a coiled spring to create room for the front incisors to move into and straighten. By concentrating the efforts on the visible front teeth, the aligner is able to gain such rapid straightening results. The only part of the brace visible to others is a small and discreet metal bar that runs along the front of the teeth but given the speed of treatment most people won’t even have time to realise you are wearing a brace.

The Inman aligner is available now from our dentists to provide you with the perfect straight-teeth smile you have always wanted. Its remarkable straightening power combined with the short treatment time make the Inman aligner the ‘missing link’ between cosmetic dentistry and orthodontic straightening.


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