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Dental Implant Failures

Most dental implants are successful without any problems arising along the way so you don’t have to worry too much about dental implant failure. This isn’t to say that there isn’t any risk to be concerned about. Your dentist or periodontist should discuss the dental implant failure risk for your own individual needs so you can make an informed decision about getting them or not.

If dental implant failure is going to happen it will likely occur within the first few days after the procedure has been completed. This is often due to either the bone being over heated or the bone quality is very poor. It can also indicate the implant area is contaminated with bacteria or signs of an infection. These issues can be taken care of if a qualified dental professional takes the time to carefully evaluate the entire area before the dental implant is started. They also need to use sterile instruments and instruct the patient on how to care for it until the next follow up appointment.

Dental implant failure can happen if the person doesn’t take care of it properly during the healing process. One of the most common reasons for this is poor dental care by the individual. It is very important that the instructions of the dentist are followed carefully. If you have questions make sure you ask before you leave the dental office. If you experience severe pain or swelling contact them immediately. That is a strong indicator that you may have an infection.

Dental implant failure seldom happens because of the body rejecting the implant. The material used is titanium and it doesn’t react at all with live tissue in the mouth. If the dental implant failure does result it is likely due to bacteria already being in the area but the dental professionals did not notice it. If you have red, inflamed gums you likely have bacteria in them and it could cause the dental implant failure so get it looked at immediately.

Only dental professionals who are skilled in dental implants should perform them. It is important that they are placed correctly so the person has no changes in how they bite. While the dental implant is healing it is a good idea to eat soft foods and to try to chew in other areas. If you have a problem with grinding your teeth you may want to wear a device either made by your dentist or purchased over the counter.

One dental implant failure culprit you may not even be aware of is smoking. Your dentist will likely ask you if you smoke before any plans are finalized for dental implants. Since there is a very low rate of dental implant failure reported you can rest easy about the procedures. If it does happen your dentist or another dental professional can likely fix the problem for you.

This procedure has one of the highest success rates in dentistry, but all are not eligible to get a dental implant done. Consult your dentist who will take your history and examine your teeth and gums to consider you for this restorative procedure.For more information call Goma Dental at 177-645-0704.

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