Himachal Dental

TMJ Disorders

If you notice a popping sound when you open your mouth, it may be time to ask your dentist about treatments for TMJ disease. In a similar way, if you tend to have headaches, facial pain, or neck pain they may all be cause by some type of malfunction of your jaw joints. Fortunately, when you visit a dentist, you will be able to receive treatment that will ease, or even eliminate your pain altogether.

In order to begin treatment, your doctor may need to conduct some tests in order to determine the cause of your jaw pain. Typically, this will involve taking xrays, as well as asking you a series of questions. Your dentist may also want to do some additional testing to see if the pain is being caused by gum disease, or other issues that cause refractory pain in the facial nerves.

Once your dentist is able to find the cause of your pain, it will be possible to treat your condition. This may include providing you with a mouth guard to prevent teeth grinding. If your dentist determines that misaligned teeth are causing your jaw pain, you may need to have braces, or other devices that will move your teeth into the correct position. Today, there are a number of dental alignment aides that cannot even be seen, let alone felt while you are wearing them.

When seeking treatment for jaw pain, it is important to realize that there are several major nerves that run through your face and neck. As a result, your pain may actually be located in the jaw, or in some other area. Therefore, your dentist will need to eliminate a number of possible issues with diagnostic testing in order to solve your problem. Fortunately, you will find that treatment for TMJ disorders will not be any worse or distressing than any other procedure designed to improve your dental health.

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