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Tooth abscess : Causes and Treatment

Posted in Oral Surgery by UK Dental Tourism on October 7, 2009
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If a person maintains a good oral hygiene, tooth abscess will unlikely to occur. Tooth abscess is an infection of one tooth or the root of the tooth. If you have tooth abscess, it is important that you consult and seek treatment with your dentist to prevent spreading the infection to other teeth.
Tooth abscess has several causes, including:
• Existing tooth infection – when a dental procedure was performed on your tooth such as filling, root canal or crown, the infection was already in the tooth. The dental work failed to kill the bacteria which will later turned into tooth abscess.
• Weak immune system – a tooth abscess may be caused by a germ resident in the tooth and a weak immune system may have failed to fight the infection brought about by this germ.
• Age-related – as a person ages, his tooth weakens which allows a germ to enter and caused infection.

At Goma dental we may able to determine a tooth abscess because of signs and symptoms which may include:
• Persistent toothache at the site of the tooth infection
• Swelling of the tooth
• Facial swelling in cases that tooth abscess penetrated to the bone and started draining into tissues surrounding the tooth.
Unchecked tooth abscess may cause complications such as fistulae, facial disfigurement and falling teeth. Hence, it is important that tooth abscess should be treated as early as possible. Several treatment options for tooth abscess are:
• Use of antibiotics to kill the germ that caused infection
• Root canal treatment which involves drilling of the infected area, cleansing and resealing the infected tooth.
• Tooth extraction to clean the infected area

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